About Us


We at The Daily Bud are proud to have been serving Nanaimo since 2016 when we were formally known as “Mid Island Health and Wellness”. Our store experience is built around 4 main pillars of customer satisfaction which we solidly stand by. Don’t let the rebrand fool you, we will provide the same quality and expertise as always in this ever changing landscape that is legal cannabis.  

Top quality suppliers

We curate our products from only the best suppliers available with expert knowledge from our amazing staff. You can be comfortable with knowing that when you shop with us, you’re buying quality. 

wide selection of products

We’re more than just a cannabis store, we’re your one stop shop. From dried cannabis to vaporizers, bongs, rollies and pipes. If you’re looking for it, we probably have it. With new products coming in constantly, there never isn’t a good reason to come by.

Unparalleled customer service

When you visit The Daily Bud we want you to feel like it’s your store. So don’t be surprised when it feels like talking with old friends. We strive to provide a customer experience that you can’t find at other locations and we achieve this by providing amazing information with a patient and friendly attitude that is sure to make you feel welcome.

friendliest atmosphere in nanaimo

We didn’t choose our name just because it was catchy, we really are your buds. From the store atmosphere to our incredibly friendly and experienced staff you’re sure to feel like you’ve made the right choice everytime you walk in.